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From dosage to effects, and everything in between, here’s the ultimate guide to microdosing mushrooms.

Consuming crumb-size amounts of psychedelics — not to get high but to feel more focused and creative and present — has moved a tiny bit mainstream.

Recent reports show that millennials are drinking less and less interested in drugs like cocaine. But in a strange turn of events, they’ve taken up mushrooms in the way someone else might pop an Adderall. The most common self-reported benefits include improved mood, better eating and sleeping habits, and less of a need for caffeine.

What Does Microdosing Feel like?

Unlike a full dose of psychedelics, a microdose is meant to be “sub-perceptual,” or barely noticeable. And so, the aim of a microdose isn’t to achieve a transcendental state or to see your life from a whole new perspective, as is common with higher doses of shrooms. Nor are visuals distortions like patterning or trails part of the microdose experience. It’s really more about a slight opening or enhancement of the senses, which translates for many folks into an increased sense of presence in their everyday activities.

About an hour or two after ingesting the microdose, people can notice an increase in focus and energy. Many users find that it helps with weaning off — and staying off — anti-depressants. It can help lessen the side effects of withdrawal and even mitigate depression. Many speak to the drug’s ability to increase empathy, too.

The Pretty-Much-Agreed-Upon Regimen

According to the Fadiman approach, people generally microdose once every three days for about a month — one day on, two days off. Psychedelics, while nonaddictive, can cause a tolerance to build. The most important thing to keep in mind: Fadiman advises taking a microdose before 10 a.m. “Taking it later may make it harder to fall asleep. From there, people should keep to their daily schedule: work, leisure, meals, medications, exercise.” After the month, Fadiman found that most people continued to microdose only occasionally, on an as-needed basis — for an exam, a presentation. Plus, like with most things, it’s good to take a break.


For first time users, your first two days should be at home with zero responsibilities. Try it over a weekend. You need to gauge your own receptiveness to the product and become familiar with it before moving on. Dosing schedules can vary as it depends on individual preference.

Sidekick, Daydream, Holiday & Bloom

  • Day 1 – Dose, Day 2 – off, Day 3 – off, Day 4 – Dose

Other protocols may look like this:

  • 1 dose per day for 4 days followed by a 3 day break
  • 1 dose per day for 2 days followed by a 2 day break

Brighten & Oceanic

  • 1 dose every 3 to 4 days

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