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Kindly crafted to boost your mood, sex drive, and feel-good feelings. The spice of life.

Users can experience a reduction in anxiety and depression, along with alleviating numerous other unwanted mental states. Many users find that it assists in weaning off — and staying off — anti-depressants. It can also lessen the side effects of withdrawal and mitigate depression further, promoting an overall feeling of well-being.

  • Increased libido
  • Feelings of euphoria
  • Enhanced sensitivity during sex

Dose: Take 1 capsule every other day.
30 capsules/package.
Ingredients: 150mg Golden Mushrooms, Maca Root Extract (4:1) 150mg, Ginseng Extract (5:1) 100mg, Ceremonial Grade Cacao 100mg

Our proprietary formulas have been extensively tested for safety, potency, and efficiency. 



Active Ingredient – 150mg
Maca – 200mg
Cacao – 100mg
Siberian Ginseng – 150mg

Sustainably Sourced

100% Traceable & Unadulterated

We never use endocrine disruptors or flow agents that negatively affect the microbiome or inhibit absorption.

No Fillers, No Fluff


Maca is a nutrient-dense root with adaptogenic and antioxidant properties, prized for its ability to help increase energy and endurance. Our raw Maca is a powerful mood booster that helps support healthy sexual energy and libido.

WHERE IT’S FROM Organic and hand-harvested from small farms in Peru

Our raw, heirloom Cacao is hand-harvested, fermented, and sun-dried. Rich in minerals and antioxidants, it has a potent mood-boosting effect. Cacao also helps support energy, spark libido, and relieve stress.*

WHERE IT’S FROM Organic and hand-harvested from small farms in Africa

Siberian ginseng helps to normalise the way in which the body responds to stress and acts to regulate the manufacture and secretions of the adrenal hormones. It strengthens the adrenal glands themselves which is especially important to those suffering from chronic stress. Siberian ginseng also supports the whole of the central nervous system, which may help restore proper neurological function after long term stress.*

WHERE IT’S FROM Organic and hand-harvested from small farms in China


1 PACK ($80 per pack), 2 PACKS ($75/pack), 3 PACKS ($70 per pack)